Benton Street Baptist Church

Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing Ministry at BSBC

A specialty nursing practice within the nursing profession brings the elements of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health into focus for the church community. The foundation is within the Scriptures. The core of this ministry is intentional spiritual care.


The Goals of the Parish Nursing Ministry

  1. To assist members and other to stay well.
  2. To promote "whole person" health.
  3. To create a feeling of deeper caring throughout our church family.
  4. To assist pastoral staff with miistry to members and others.


The Parish Nurse

Every person is sacred, made in God's image. All are treated with loving respect and dignity. With Jesus as the model, the Parish Nurse uses professional skills, knowledge and spiritual gifts to facilitate and promote wholeness and health within the Benton church family.


Health Education

  1. Health and Wellness Presentations
  2. Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Screening
  3. 1:1 Contact


Health Cabinet

The Health Cabinet Committee with the Parish Nurse, plan, implement, and promote health-related ministries within the church community.


Health and Wellness

A fun-filled interavtive afternoon with excellent health information, open to everyone. We meet monthly in the Reese Room.


Important to Know

  • Sensitive to the call of God to serve, a parish nurse advocates with compassion, mercy & care.
  • In service to the Lord Jesus Chirst the parish nurse works to establish helping relationships that are professional and spiritually focused.
  • Generally a parsih nurse does not give "hands-on" care.
  • The parish nurse is not a paramedic.


For more information, contact Megan McCullough at